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Weekly Youth Gathering

Bible & GO is the weekly meeting of Cathedral Youth on Sunday evenings from 5:00-7:00pm. These gatherings combine meaningful time for Bible lessons and discussions with community engagement--the GO part--to help the Youth grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord. Each Sunday offers the opportunity for Youth led services and experiences. One Youth will serve as the Bible Leader and another Youth will serve as the GO Leader each week. These Youth will work with the Youth Ministries Director (Justin Walker) and each other to coordinate the time, materials and plans each week.

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Episcopal Youth Event: Diocese of Southwest Florida in Oklahoma. Thank you to Christen for making this video! For more info on EYE:



Youth are vital to the ministry and mission of the Church and Cathedral life.  Our youth are a part of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, and we engage together with the St Petersburg Deanery to participate with youth across the St. Petersburg and Tampa area. DaySpring, the Diocesan camp, sends youth to camp each summer to engage with teaching and leadership.   

New Beginnings (ages 12-15)

November 3-5: Happening #75 more info

A note from our Cathedral Youth Minister: Justin

Who are we? Well, this question was answered both by Emily and I and by the Youth. The age range for the Youth roughly spans 13-18 years old. As part of our efforts to build continuity and inclusiveness, we have also formed a Middlers group of 10-13 years olds. These groups will provide space for maturity-based programming and discussions. However, these divisions will also require greater involvement of more consistent volunteers and chaperones to maintain these groups. The weekly Bible & Go ministry is tentatively planned for the Youth (13-18) on Sunday nights from 5:00-7:00pm. There will be a combined event for the Youth and Middlers each month.

What do we believe? We believe the Cathedral Youth are not the Church of tomorrow; they are the Church. As the Church, we look to what we proclaim and affirm for our beliefs and our ministry. We believe, as taken from the Episcopal Church Youth Ministries website, that Youth ministries is a “bridging ministry of education, connection, formation and, hopefully, transformation.” Again from the Episcopal Church, “Youth Ministries calls for passion, patience, and faithfulness--pointing out the sacred in the midst of the chaos of adolescence and walking faithfully with young people as they transition from child to young adult.” It is with this understanding that we make and make known our path together.

What is our path? One of my favorite Psalms has an almost imperceptible detail that magnifies its possibilities. Psalm 16:11 can be read “You make known to me the path of life” or “You have made known to me the path of life” or “You will make known to me the path of life.” But I’ve never read it as an either/or situation but an all-the-above scenario. We both know the path before us and it is being revealed to us with every step. Is it any different with our Youth? We (the Grownups) have all been youth, even if we don’t remember it or our young people don’t believe we were ever anything close to their age. We may know how we made our way through adolescence, and yet it may not be the same path for our Youth.


Part of our path together is recognizing the importance of relationships in this season and the potential for harm or growth. Among myriad challenges, modern technology raises new concerns about boundaries and communications expectations. As we grow our relationships together, we do so according to Safeguarding guidelines, with open, public communication lines rather than private or personal messages. Our path together also includes more Youth led services and events. The predominant Youth led programming for this year is the weekly ministry Bible & GO. We are also looking to the Grownups of Youth to assist with planning and chaperoning various events.