Greetings from the Children & Youth Ministries at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter. We have enjoyed getting to know some of you over the past few months, and we hope to meet the rest of you soon. We wanted to update you on a few recent events and to let you know about up-coming ideas.

We had our first Instameet last Friday at the Cathedral before the Burns Friday Night Movie. We shared a meal and ideas with the youth to explore plans for the summer. 

Some of the most prominent ideas for events are:

  • lock-ins
  • cooking-lessons and demos (Parents, can you believe it?)
  • yoga
  • disc golf
  • just about anything related to DaySpring. 

We also discussed various outreach and ministry options like: 

  • community gardening: how about St Pete Eco Garden?
  • volunteering at the St. Pete Free Clinic, Campbell Park Elementary, and other local partners
  • hosting fundraising dinners
  • "Canoeucharist" (a canoe trip/clean-up mashup with communion)

We would also like to keep an eye out for upcoming events like:

  • Children in Church (youth too) July 23rd and August 27th
  • Christmas in July 
  • Parents of Youth Dinner with Emily & Justin (Let's talk about the year ahead)
  • Acolyte Festival!!!
  • Bishops Ball(?)/Fall Festival(?)
  • Christmas Pageant

In the meantime, Emily and I are happy to meet with youth at the Cathedral most afternoons Monday - Friday. And let us know about upcoming games or competitions that you have; we'd love to support you and your interests. 

All best,
Justin & Emily

Youth Group
      (5th-12th Grade)

Youth are vital to the ministry and mission of the Church and Cathedral life.  Our youth are a part of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, and we engage together with the Deanery to participate with youth across the St. Petersburg and Tampa area. Dayspring, the Diocesan camp, sends youth to camp each summer to engage with teaching and leadership.       


Save the Date:                   

Saturday July 22:  10am-noon Christmas Cookie Decorating followed by a Youth Ice skating Event
Sunday July 23rd: Christmas in July and Children in Church!
Saturday September 16th: Acolyte Festival

email Emily or Justin with questions

Camp Schedule: Dayspring 201

  • High School Summer Camp (Grades 9-12) June 18-23, 2017
  • Youth Ministry Leadership Camp, June 25-30 '17
  • Elementary Summer Camp (Grades 3-5) July 16-21, 2017
  • Mission Summer Camp (Grades 6-12) July 25-30, 2017