Post #2 InstaMeet to EYE

The InstaMeet happened almost a month ago! There is much growth to report on, including: this blog will be for SPC&Y.... 

SPC&Y= St Peter's Children & Youth. So now the age gap includes even more: newborns through 18 year olds, and kind of the 20-40s group, as well. And how about our college kids? So birth-age 49? For now, we we focus on three age groups:

Child Care/Nursery: age infant- 4 (roughly)

Children: age 5ish-11ish

Youth: age 11ish-18ish

... the circle widens. 


Right now, as I type, I am with 4 youth from the Cathedral, about 24 youth from the Diocese of SW Florida, and about 2000 Episcopal people (mostly youth) at EYE: Episcopal Youth Event. We are immersed in the love of Christ, as Bishop Curry reminded us this morning in his sermon:

If you want to change the world and change yourself: Follow Jesus. If you don't: don't worry about it.

-- Bishop Curry


Many more pictures, poems, Scripture, writing, thoughts, questions and ideas to come soon. 

You may look forward to musings from Christen Crosby on EYE and a future post about the movie we watched at the InstaMeet: Ruby Bridges. Updates on the nursery, Child Care, Children in Church! and the overall growth of Children & Youth at the Cathedral, the Diocese, and the Church. 


in prayer and in Christ, 


Post #1

You will notice that this blog is starting off as rather plain and generic... that is because Justin and I, as Co-Ministers of Children & Youth here at the Cathedral, hope that the Youth themselves will create the direction of our youth group this year. You will see this blog grow as our youth group grows this year. 

Some thoughts: Youth is a difficult term to describe. What is youth? Right now, at the Cathedral, the youth includes all 5th-12th graders. As you may be thinking, others have noted that this is a wide window for age and maturation... we will probably break into more than one group before too long. 

Events: We have very few events on the calendar for youth moving forward. That is because, we hope the youth will contribute their ideas to build the vision for this year, with our guidance. This summer, and this year, and the next years to come, and the future of the Church as a whole... And of course the present of the Church. Because youth are.. young.. but also present in the Church today, like all of us. 

Looking ahead: very soon ahead we have an event- Friday night! This Friday June 16! An Instameet that we will post all over the website, facebook, instagram and contact people about (they say contacting individuals is the best way to invite someone... so I may invite you personally to read this blog.. in person)

There are many things happening this summer for Children. Youth are always welcome to come to those events and help and volunteer and get service hours... but we want to make (the) youth an intrinsic part of life at St Peter's, so be on the look out for that, please. 

The acolyte Festival is in the fall, youth can participate in Children in Church this summer and there will be a Christmas pageant. But I have a feeling, do you?, that the youth will form a particular personality and presence through choosing ways to pray and service together, in addition to the formational offerings of the Cathedral. 

Please continue to check in here as our youth group grows. We'll report back after the Instameet on Friday.