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Messy Church


Messy Church is a monthly inter-generational family gathering involving worship, crafts, music, storytelling, and a shared supper at 5:45 p.m. on the second Thursday. For more information contact Betsy Adams.

This year (Fall 2017-Spring 2018) we will travel around the Mediterranean with Paul sharing the news of Jesus as told in the Book of Acts (and dealing the vipers, shipwrecks, prison). Our travelers will have passports and maps to use for the journey.

This month we'll learn about another friend and team mate of Paul's, Silas. Please read Act 16:16-40 to refamiliarize yourself about Paul and Silas' experience in Philippi!  The themes for the evening will be:  Finding joy in unjoyful situations  and  Doing the right thing.

Our activities will include 

Chains of Joy: kids will create paper chains from strips of paper on which they have written (or have had help to write) things that bring them joy

Earthquake!!!: Creating a fun snack 

Keys to Doing the Right Thing: Creating a ring of keys (cardstock) on which the kids have written tips on how to make the right choices

Slap Bracelets:  Blank slap bracelets for the kids to decorate as they will

Our song for the evening will be:  I've Got  That Joy, Joy, Joy (Down in my Heart)

See you all next week in Philippi for The Great Jail Break!



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