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Reformation Part 2: Pastor Bill Roen

SUN., OCT. 29 9:00 a.m. PART 2 — Pastor Bill Roen presents “Why Aren't We All Lutherans?” The split from Rome. How Martin Luther and Henry VIII fought it out. What it meant for the church in England. What it means for us today. Special guest appearances by Martin Luther and King Henry VIII. Harvard Hall. Full breakfast at 8:30 am ($3)

Dr. Bill Roen is the retired pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Savannah, Ga. He grew up on a ranch in western North Dakota and was educated at Augsburg College, the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, Pa., and Catholic University of America, where he earned his Ph.D. in English literature and linguistics. He was ordained in 1981 and served parishes in Maryland and Florida. He is the head of an organization that maintains schools in Haiti. Please visit his blog click here

If you enjoyed last Sunday's video on Luther and the Reformation by Rick Steves, you can view it at home click here

Pastor Bill Roen, a retired Lutheran minister who is now a member of our congregation, will speak on "Why Aren't We All Lutherans?" We might have been but for two powerful personalities: Martin Luther, of what we today call Germany, and Henry VIII of England. They were contemporaries who never met but who knew about each other and communicated via the social media of their day: published writings, pamphlets, and opinions (thanks to Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press a few decades earlier, which led to greater literacy). They disagreed, they sparred, and sparks flew. 

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