The Cathedral welcomes you to join a wonderful Vacation Bible School for children and families. Our theme is “. . . and it was good,” focusing on the care of creation, the world God created and has given to us as stewards.

Thursday August 9th 5:30-8:00pm

Gen 1:26a “God said: let’s make people in our image- the image of God...”

Friday August 10th 5:30-8:00pm

Gen 1:26b “...God tells us to take care of the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and the wild animals on land.”

Saturday August 11th 10am-1:00pm

Matthew 13:32 “The tiny mustard seed grows into a huge tree, and birds come and make nests in its branches."

Sunday August 12th Closing Ceremony during coffee hour after the 10:15am service