Safeguarding God's Children... is a way that we can provide a safe place for children & people in the Church.  

"Training in Safeguarding is required every five years for:
clergy, paid or volunteer

Wardens, Treasurers, and Clerks
Vestry/Bishop's Committees
Volunteers over the age of 18
Those holding elected or appointed positions throughout the Diocese, including all Diocesan Committees" - Diocese of Southwest Florida

Diocese of Southwest Florida & Safeguarding click here


To find out when you were Safeguard Certified and/or how to renew email Emily

Completing the online Safeguarding Training takes at least 3-hours, although breaks are recommended, and you do not have to complete the training in one sitting. As the content is serious & will affect everyone differently, know that Pastoral Care is provided & you are encouraged to speak with Canon Katie in relation to your Safeguard Training.