Babycycle Diaper Bank


Grateful Babies Thank You for the Diapers Maura Meitz The staff at Babycycle would like to extend a huge “thank you” to St. Peter's for the overwhelming generosity shown toward their organization.

The month-long drive during April resulted in the collection of over 2,700 individual diapers (the organization counts diapers instead of packages), including pull-ups and adult diapers, 536 baby wipes (again, individual count), as well as 24 bottles of baby shampoo, lotion, wash, and powder. There were also donations of baby clothes, diaper bags, and adult toiletries, and cash gifts totaling $1,280. Babycycle is Pinellas County’s only community diaper bank, providing basic necessities for children from birth to age 2.

The Babycycle staff were amazed at the compassion and selfless giving by our church on behalf of those families they serve in need of diapers, wipes, and all things “baby.”

St. Peter's showed the love of God and care of neighbor.