Being the Church in the world

It's always a great day when people learn what the Church really is. It's not doctrine and it's not a building.

Rather the Church is a body of people. So, when we "go to Church" on Sunday, we may travel to the Cathedral, but the Church is the people who meet us here. Which is a great reason for people to be committed to regular church attendance (with other great reasons as well)- but that is for another post.


Today is about being the Church in the world. See, it's generally easy to be the Church on a Sunday morning for the hour and a half that we spend here at the Cathedral. It is more difficult, however, to be the Church the other 166.5 hours of the week. We get busy, life happens, and before we know it, it's Sunday again and we have missed 166.5 hours worth of opportunity to be God's love in the world.


So here are two intentional opportunities to be the Church in the world in the coming days.

  1. Campbell Park Elementary is preparing for Testing in February, and in preparation they have been awarded a Family Math Night by Pinellas Country and MIND Research Institute. On January 10th from 5-7:30PM the cafeteria will be transformed into a fun and exciting Math Zone, where students and their families will be able to play games and learn at the same time! They need volunteers to help facilitate the games for the evening. For those of you who love math, this is your night. And for those of you who hate math, this is your night too! I have already asked and while they love for volunteers to have math knowledge, the games come with clear instruction for the facilitators. To sign up click here

  2. The Cathedral Church of St. Peter is an active member in Interfaith Tampa Bay, the local Interfaith Association. I sit on the MLK Service Committee and have been a part of planning this years Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Service. The Cathedral will be providing the refreshments for the service, and volunteers are needed to set up and clean up. A bonus, you will get to see Campbell Park Elementary honored with the monetary offering from this service! To sign up click here.


As always, I will be present at both events to serve alongside you- my Church!



Canon Katie