Campbell Park Elementary School

By: Rev. Canon Katie Churchwell

 Campbell Park Elementary School Sign- located on 7th Ave. South

Campbell Park Elementary School Sign- located on 7th Ave. South

As you may have seen by now, The Cathedral has partnered with Campbell Park Elementary School as part of a Project 33701.  Located on 7th Avenue South and MLK, Campbell Park is Pre-K through 5th grade and really needs community support.

I first learned about schools like Campbell Park when I was in St. Petersburg in February interviewing for the Canon for Community Formation position.  If you have ever heard of the "Failure Factory" schools- Campbell Park is one of them. 

It has been interesting in getting to know the staff at Campbell Park- if you ever wondered what selfless giving looked like, please, come to the school.  The staff at Campbell Park are working tirelessly to ensure that the students that come through their doors are able to learn and grow, despite not having the same advantages as other students might.  I am so excited that the Cathedral is able to take a role in this endeavor.

So, a few facts.  According to Campbell Park Elementary, 98% of the students that attend the school live at or below the poverty line.  And gathered from the wish list of the school, the students aren't the only ones in need.  Items such as pencil sharpeners and white erase board markers are needed for the classrooms.

So what does this mean for us?  Well, we can first start with prayer.  We can be praying for the teachers and staff  as they get ready to start this new school year.  We can be praying for the students and their families as they get ready to start this new school year.  And we can be praying about where and how God may be calling us as a church and you as an individual to be involved. 

The Cathedral has made some firm commitments:

  1. We are adopting 10 classrooms- six Kindergarten Classes and four 5th Grade Classes- which entails funding these classrooms throughout the school year.
  2. We are sponsoring 4 events/activities- 1 each quarter- to support the school as a whole.  This starts August 10th, as we bring breakfast for the teachers and staff members for the first day of school.  Other events might look like providing a meal and childcare for a parent's meeting.
  3. We will sponsor at least one field trip, ensuring that all students are able to attend regardless of their financial situation.
  4. We will provide donations at the beginning of the year for students and teachers.

Interested in bringing some breakfast food or serving it to the teachers on August 10th? Contact Canon Katie Churchwell at


Individuals also have the opportunity to volunteer their time in a variety of different ways, from serving once a week as a mentor to a student or less frequently at special events. All members of the Cathedral are invited to ponder if you would like to be a part of a special day at Campbell Park Elementary where you will be asked to share your life story with the students (date and details to come).  I will be spending that day at Campbell Park and would love to hear the richness of y'alls lives shared. If you are interested in being the hands and feet of Christ at Campbell Park Elementary school please contact Canon Katie Churchwell and she can help you get connected

Over 500lbs of backpacks, paper, crayons, and other student and classroom supplies were donated to Campbell Park Elementary.