The Cathedral Pipe Organ

St. Peter's Organ 5.JPG

The Cathedral Pipe Organ

The Cathedral pipe organ was built and installed by the Austin Organ Company in 1965, under supervision of then Organist/Choirmaster, Robert Setzer.  This organ consisted of 3 manuals, 61 ranks of pipes located in 6 divisions.  

In 1997, a new organ console and digital ranks were added by the Rodgers Organ Company.  

Recent work by the Patrick J. Murphy & Associates in 2016 included a new Antiphonal division (retaining one rank from the original 1915 Austin pipe organ), a complete revoicing of the Great and Pedal divisions, moving the original Trompette en Chamade on the cathedral arch to the Antiphonal, and increasing the number of ranks to 64.  

The pipes range in size from 16 feet long (located horizontally under the St. Peter’s window), to pipes smaller than a pencil.

To see the current organ specification, click here.