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Food Is Medicine St. Pete

Food Is Medicine is a food access/health education/health screening program that targets food desert communities.  It is a program that is a partnership between a variety of community leaders, of which the Cathedral is just one.  The Campbell Park location is the first Food Is Medicine site in South Pinellas County, and we are excited to be starting with our first class on August 16th at the Campbell Park Center. 

How does it work? Classes are six weeks long, meeting Wednesday evenings at Campbell Park Center.  On the first and last class of each series, community health nurses from Baycare will come and provide a free health screening of the class participants- checking BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.  The classes vary in nature, depending on which Food Is Medicine partner is leading the class, but each class is evidence-based and engages with health/diet/nutrition needs. For every class a participant attends, s/he receives a $10 produce voucher to buy fresh produce.  Gulfport Produce will be on-site at Campbell Park Center every Wednesday from 5-8 p.m. with a large selection of fresh produce that class participants - and anyone else- can buy. Vouchers are also accepted at Gulfport Produce’s brick and mortar location.

For program information contact Canon Katie Churchwell:

(727) 771-5552 or