Cathedral Communication

Better Signage, Better Communication: Our Committee's at Work, Inside and Out, written by Hillary Peete

There’s no shortage of jokes about how quickly committees are formed in a church. Sometimes committees get a bad rap for being superfluous or for overcomplicating something that should be simple. Committees also serve a vital role in gathering interested parties, creating a place for ideas to be shared, and establishing accountability. It is in this light that Susan Churuti, Samantha Nevins, Hillary Peete, Tim Staney, and Judy Stark, along with Dean Morris, have assembled the Communications Committee.

The purpose of the Cathedral Communications Committee is to ensure that the look and feel of internal and external communications at the Cathedral are theologically sound and further the mission of the church.

We have identified four main areas for further reflection and work:

* External signage. How can we maximize our exposure along Fourth Street? We discussed a more permanent marquee with our name and logo, along with better signage for the main entrance.

* Internal signage: How can we make the building more accessible? Some rooms are not correctly identified, and there is no posted map of the building for wayfinding.

* Hospitality and welcome: How can we make the Cathedral a more inviting space? We are already working on updated welcome materials for visitors. What we do is just as important as what we say when we create a welcoming space in the Narthex.

* Social media/website: How can we engage visitors and keep members up to date? How can we keep the website relevant and foster a greater online community?

There is palpable energy and excitement at the Cathedral. Concerts, speakers, and ministries bring residents from across the city through our doors. People from all over the world engage in our live-streamed worship and Canon Katie's pop-up prayers on Facebook. The Communications Committee hopes to build upon this vibrant community and continue to embody Christ-like warmth and hospitality.