Cathedral Chapter: Spring 2018

June Chapter Notes: Getting Our Financial Reporting in Order written by Susan Churuti, Senior Warden

With the appointment of Tim Lanz as our treasurer and Gary Patterson as our assistant treasurer, the Chapter is working to increase transparency, clarify roles and responsibilities, and ensure the financial security of the Cathedral for many years to come. We have organized the monthly flow of financial information to ensure data are ready for decision-making on a timely basis. The accounting reports will be forwarded sooner in the month for a more rigorous review by the treasurer and assistant treasurer. After review and editing, this information will be sent to the Finance Committee by e-mail for review in advance of their meetings. Those meetings will be a week before the Chapter meeting, on the third Wednesday of the month, so that Finance can make timely recommendations to the Chapter.

Roles are being refined and clarified for our interlocking financial committees: Endowment, Finance, Stewardship, and Chapter. We have a very talented group of people who serve on these committees, and we are grateful for their sharing of their time and talents in support of the Cathedral. Many members serve on more than one committee, and the Dean and Senior Warden serve on all of them. We continue to receive many gifts to the Cathedral in many forms of time, talent, and treasure. We want to make sure that these gifts are gratefully acknowledged, accounted for, and appropriately managed in accordance with the desires of the donors and the congregation.

Chapter Members Take Leadership Roles In Cathedral Management
Susan Churuti, Senior Warden May 2018

At a half-day spiritual retreat in March, members of your chapter welcomed the new members elected at the Annual Meeting in January and got to know each other better in a faith-focused way. We assigned members to our focus areas, a task made easier when the Nominating Committee created a slate of candidates with gifts and skills to match areas of specific need at St. Peter’s.

Ray McColgan will chair the stewardship committee, which will consist of 12 members, including four other chapter members (Susan Churuti, Lucas Fleming, David Hill, and Gary Patterson), treasurer Tim Lanz, and Dean Morris. Other members are Marilyn Polson, Judy Stark, Emily and Justin Walker, and immediate past chair Ken Wolfe, who will continue to serve to insure a smooth transition.

Samantha Nevins, Hillary Peete and Tim Staney will serve on the newly-created communications committee.

Dianne Casorio will chair the outreach committee.

Continuing in their roles as co-chairs of the fellowship and festivities committee are Shar Nudelman and Sandy Powers, assisted by Elizabeth Hasbrouck.

Hillary Peete will be the co-adjudicator of the 2018 Mutual Ministry Review process, along with me, Susan Churuti, the senior warden.

Serving on the boards of Resurrection House and Peterborough are Dianne Casorio and Susan Churuti. We have created an “experience form” to insure that we are aware of all of the ministries in which our members have served and what other expertise they have that could be helpful to the efficient and expert management of our Cathedral.

We ended the retreat with a look at the online Church Life information-management system, which gives us access to membership and contact information, online giving, communications tools, and other helpful tools in our work.

New Chapter Members, New Initiatives, A Solid Financial Report: Annual Meeting

Four candidates were elected to serve three-year terms on the chapter, the Cathedral's board of directors, at the Annual Meeting on January 28, when the congregation heard a financial report, an update from the wardens, and comments from Dean Morris about the state of St. Peter's. Elected were Ray McColgan, Samantha Nevins, Gary Patterson, and Hillary Peete. Later, at an organizational meeting, the newly-constituted chapter elected Lucas Fleming to fill a one-year term created by the resignation of chapter member Neal Ward. "These are the people who have the skills, the wisdom, the time, and the energy to lead St. Peter’s to become all that it can be as a stable, well-resourced, creative, and growing faith community," said Judy Stark, chair of the nominating committee, in presenting the slate. "We place their names before you with pride and confidence."

Junior Warden's Report: Repairs and Parking
Retiring junior warden Rick MacAulay enumerated the various repair and improvement projects over the last year: roofing, landscaping, and lighting along Second Avenue N, air-conditioning, new thermostats in the sanctuary, water-intrusion repairs. The sound booth in the back of the sanctuary, which we no longer use, will be disassembled in the near future. He announced that the owners of the Princess Martha Hotel, who also own the second and third floors of our building, are about to start building out the second and third floors, including the installation of an elevator. Be prepared for construction noise and debris. In good news for our perennial parking challenges, he reported that the Princess Martha intends to build a 180-space parking garage on the vacant lot directly south of the Cathedral, and we will have some spaces there. That will help as the city reduces the number of spaces we are allowed to lease in the surface lot on Second Avenue S from the current 16 to six spaces in 2020.

Senior Warden's Report: Setting New Goals
Senior warden Susan Churuti described the ways in which the Chapter is moving to put our various operating documents in order, complying with them and with our canonical duties as a cathedral. She provided an update on the strategic planning process in which the Chapter has been engaged for the last several months, seeking input from ministry leaders and from the congregation via listening sessions and a survey. The Chapter will go back to each of our ministry groups with ideas that finance and fund-raising; increasing and strengthening our congregation through evangelism; developing sustainable youth and family programs and activities; and living into our role as a Cathedral and worship leader for the diocese.

Treasurer's Report: Bridging Peterborough Gap
Treasurer Tim Lanz presented a financial report, noting that in April we will hold a "Numbers Night" to drill deeply into every line item in the budget for those who have detailed questions."We want to ask them to be involved in goal-setting," she said. "It seems a long process, but it's better to have buy-in."

Dean's Report: Thanks for This Community
The dean offered thanks for the work of the clergy and lay staff and of the many volunteers who offer faithful, prayerful, and creative leadership. "What I experience every day is a healthy, vibrant community that continues our journey of wholeness," he said "No one person could manage it or create it, and I love being a part of it. There may be another dean who enjoys his or her congregation more than I do, but I don't know who that person could be."

The meeting closed with a video showing the life and activities at the Cathedral over the last year. You can view it here: click here