Cathedral Stewardship: Life Together

To trust God, to serve God, and to honor God with all we are and all we have
-Stewardship Committee Mission Statement


What is the stewardship of time?

This Summer (June-September), Watch Those Stewardship (Service/Volunteer) Hours Add Up.

Planting the seeds for a bountiful harvest, we anticipate together the Stewardship Oktoberfest celebration in October. 



At the Cathedral, we give together our time, talent & treasure. This summer, we will take notice of our time. In all of the ways that we live into our call as disciples: Collective Stewardship takes note of our shared efforts. To capture a complete picture of what stewardship looks like here at the Cathedral, we are asking you to help us track the time that you give through Cathedral ministries. 

  • worship hours
  • ministry hours
  • outside of the church wall hours

A lot of you are already engaged in this work: guilds, and committees. Let's track these hours together. We always need help during the week to get ready for Sundays. We’ll keep track of everyone’s volunteer hours and celebrate the grand total as part of our fall stewardship activities.

How will we see the hours add up?
In the Narthex of the Cathedral, you will see a visual of Collective Stewardship: a growing cornucopia image, leading up to the Stewardship Oktoberfest dinner in the fall. The growing fruit of the image? Stickers representing the hours served: Worship, Inside the Cathedral Walls and Outside the Cathedral Walls. 

How will we keep track of hours?
Digitally, email Emily with your personal hours served through the Cathedral. She will also be in touch weekly with Guild Leaders. 
In person, there will be a binder on the front desk in the Narthex of the Cathedral to record: Ministry, Hours & Date. 

 It will be fun to watch the volunteer hours add up as we accomplish things around the Cathedral and get to know each other better.